I need win 95 upgrade on spanish

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For my laptop Contura Aero, i am from argentina, and i not stay problem installing windows on english over windows 3.1 on spanish.
Help me,!


  • OK, I got Argentina Windows 95 and Spanish.

    You're installing 95 over 3.1, as an upgrade?

    What about Spanish?

    I'm sorry to ask but I honestly cannot read your English.

  • I have one notebook Compaq contura aero 4/33c, am original and have installed Windows 3.1 in Spanish, I want to obtain to the version Windows 95 upgrade in Spanish. there are problems if I install a version on english?
    I prefer more the version in Spanish.
    Tank You
    From Argentina
  • I'm not sure what upgrading to 95 and across languages will do to Windows. WinWorld is getting Windows 95 Spanish now, so if you can wait a bit, you might have a chance to keep your language.

  • Cool for the news.
    I waiting....
  • Cool! Does W95 en Espanol need a home?
  • I've got it! And 95B (Eng)! I'll be preparing them now. And yes if someone wants to host it they're welcome to it!

  • What size are they?
  • 95B - 76.7MB
    95B Es - 48.2MB

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