Attempted to upgrade to PHPBB 2.0.8

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Didnt work...

Couldnt restore the backup for some reason, after i had deleted the winboards database... luckily i hadnt DELETED it, the raw SQL was stored on my desktop cause im werd and save sht I dont need anymore... I moved it back to c:\mysql\data\ and it worked....... im not gonna fuck with that for a while....


  • maybe next time you'll have better luck :)
  • Sigh, maybe some other day.

  • The smilies are out until Fish unRARs the archive and addes them back.

  • You have to not only update the PHP sources, but you have to run the database update script to change your tables over to whatever new they've done with 2.0.8.
  • When I just moved all the 2.0.8 files to /winworld/forum and chose upgrade, it wouldnt let me unless I had MySQL 3.x, but I'm 4.x.

    So I tred to make a totally new database called winboards, set up everything to access it and restore the databse... didnt work...

    I move the winworld databse (whch is what were on) to my desktop, and make a NEW winworld one... set everything to access it and try uploadng the 3MB database from several dfferent connectons... every one times out. So I realze that wont work, so I try from, and it kept saying "nformaton: No file uploaded" or something lke that... so finally I moved the raw SQL back to \data and it brought back the old one...

    Everyones gatta remember that we ARE new to this and stll havent figured it all out.
  • There are upgrade scripts for both MySQL 3.X and 4.X (and PostgreSQL, MSSQL, etc.). I'll take a look at the process myself later.
  • hey fish, dont forget i got all the packets from back when i hosted
  • oh, i see you got all of them now
    edit: :vamp:
  • I have it installed on 2 of my 3 servers. So far, no complaints.
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