reinstalling XP on laptop

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my laptop is going very slow. So ive decided to reinstall XP, only probelm is that my laptop doesnt have a CD drive, and i dont have an external one.

Is there any way i could use my network card to access the cd from my server?


EDIT: i could try it with 2000 if its any easier


  • The MS Client For Workgroups network client for MS-DOS with an NDIS driver for your NIC
  • and where could i get those?
  • errr....look around.

    Its on the NT 4.0 Server CD-ROM, gotta be server though.

    Its on MS's FTP too. and have it too I think.
  • its like 2am ill look in the morning. do you think itll be on the NT 351 server CD as well?
  • Most likely, No
  • damn. oh well ill look elsewhere. anyone know where i can get the NT4 server full cd?

    If you look at the links on my other post, its there on the MS-DOS/W31 resource page and some searching on WOWN.Com should do the trick
  • oh.

    but still id like to have the full CD
  • Why?

    the only important shit is MS Lan Manager for DOS, OS\2, and MS Client For Workgroups for DOS.

    Frontpage 1.0 is also in there, but Frontpage Express from IE4 is more usefull than that.

    Theres also other platforms,you dont have a RISC or PPC based PC do you?
  • Look IBM, just admit that you can't understand everyones fixations or successfully explain them out of them.

  • The installtion over a network is gonna be guess is try ur best to get the current XP in better shape...then get some network software and copy the whole XP CD if ya got one to your hard boot with a bootdisk and goto DOS and install from there...should work

    Just hope you got FAT32....NTFS is a bitch when its messed up.
  • NTFS is a bitch when its messed up.

    THAT'S why I never use it

  • i know me too....NTFS is a mess to deal with....FAT32 is so simple....i love it.
  • its not messed up. it works fine but its really slow and the registry is a mess and theres so much stuff lying around from programs that are long gone. ive got rid of all i can but its still messed up.
  • I use NTFS on my main system only because lately Ive made backups JUST before problems occur (ironically enough). Plus, as long as your not floppy-booting (which I NEVER DO), its way faster than FAT32, and the smaller clusters make files take up WAY less room. I had a folder with tons of few byte files. On FAT32, the folder was over 50MB, with NTFS its only a few MB.
  • its on NTFS cos its more secure
  • Bod, does your machine have I386 onboard?
    You could make another partition and copy
    the I386 on the new one, format the C: and
    install off the other partition. Maybe ?
  • Thump wrote:
    Bod, does your machine have I386 onboard?
    You could make another partition and copy
    the I386 on the new one, format the C: and
    install off the other partition. Maybe ?

    Yup! That will no doubt work....thats just like burning the I386 folder to a CD which is what I did and now I have a copy of Windows 2000 Pro.
  • I386 on onboard? Like the I386 is built into the system?
  • i386 = 32-Bit x86

    They call it the i386 folder becuase all CPU's after the i386 were based on the architecture of the 386.
  • Oh. I was confused, thanks.
  • Also when Windows 2000 Professional installs on your PC, in the %SystemRoot%/System32 folder theres a folder called I386 which is all the installation files for Windows 2000. Just burn it to a Cd and you got a free copy of Windows 2000.
  • i got win2k. but it think i might just buy a laptop hdd to pc hdd cable and copy the setup files accross
  • prepare to go watch tv or play video games....its gonna take a couple hours...
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