boor disk hell....

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ok so this is getting annoying...

i got a win95 bootdisk from the bootdisk project
added an empty config.sys
added autoexec.bat.
got the CD drive working

i wanted to add a menu system so i could make on bootdisk for use on my laptop and normal computers, the idea being that the laptop one would have PC card drivers, USB and NIC drivers. whereas the pc one would have CD and usb.

i used the bootdisk than win98 makes as a template.

i got the menu working, only problem is that mscdex loads everything when u dont need it (ie CD drivers when choosing laptop) in autoexec.bat

so i looked at the win98 autoexec.bat and it had a way of soing this so i copied it to use for my own. only problem now is that it dont work
config.sys wrote:
menuitem=LAPTOP, Laptop (USB & NIC with cardbus)
menuitem=PC, PC with USB and CD
menuitem=PC2, PC with CD only
menudefault=Laptop, 60




DEVICE=HIMEM.sys /testmem:off
@echo off
IF "%config%"=="LAPTOP" goto Laptop
IF "%config%"=="PC" goto PC
IF "%config%"=="PC2" goto PC2


mscdex /d:12345678 /l:d

mscdex /d:12345678 /l:d

addtionaly the items in the "common" section of config.sys do not load.

Anyone got any ideas? this is VERY annoying



  • i found a mistake in autoexec.bat where i had a colon where i didnt need it ive changed it and im still having the same problem...
  • Thats such a good idea to make a bootdisk with a menu system for your PC and laptop....good stuff!
  • How does A.B know what %config% is? Did that get set somewhere in C.S?

  • I used the menu system from a windows98 bootdisk and just edit the crap out of it to fit my needs. I have it set for No CD, IDE CD-ROM, the older Panasonic CD-ROM, and network support. I'm thinking to add FAT32 and NTFS support next. I use the DrDOS kernel and theres a bunch of addons that let you read other file systems.
  • i used a lot of ideas from the orginal win98 bootdisk. i think i may have missed something...
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