E-smith and MYSQL

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i know that esmith ahas this cos i see it starting at startup.
does anybody know how you access it?

*looks towards Q*


  • mysql or mysqladmin from the root prompt.

  • ok i have no clue what im doin whats the root prompt?
  • When it asks you to login, type 'root' and the password you assigned in setup.


    PS. It'll look like this : [root@servername directorypath]#
  • ok ill try that then....
  • is it possible to connect via MYSQL administrator or control cneter?
  • No, it they (rightfully in my mind) disabled MySQL from listening, so you have to do it locally or locally via SSH

  • oh well hard way it is.....
  • You could add phpMyAdmin and then you can access your MySQL from a diffrent PC.
  • now theres an idea....
  • Just use SSH like I do, it's installed already, and you can do a [CS]load more then with phpMyFuqueup or whatever that was.

  • err SSH? please explain
  • SSH - Secure SHell.

    From the server, login as Admin, and goto Server Manager, then under Security > Remote Access. Under Secure Shell Settings, select Allow to all 3 and submit.

    Get PuTTY (Google for it, 1st thing that comes up), type in the internal IP addr for it (192.168.x.x or whatever, NOT the Internet one) and select SSH (Port 22) and Open. It'll popup a scary error, you can accept or if your paraniod check the keys. Then enter 'root' and the password you setup for the Adminsitrator account in setup. It should log you in.

    You're now for all intents and purposes @ your server.

  • thanks Q.

    all i need to do now is get XP to stop fuking around and actually foward ports....
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