NEW EMOTICONS!~!!!!!!!1!1

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New smiley set made!

I went through tons of Trillan 2.x GIFs and changed them to the forum smileys... most of the old ones ARE stll there... I hope you all like the new ones!



  • We do!!! YAY!!! :cool: to the new smilies!
  • Jeeeesus, that's a lot of emoticons, I just saw 935 items remaining. Are you on crack? Well it's certainly a nice change from those blue emoticons. LMAO, this emoticon is HUGE!!

  • :BIG: = Fish on a Smiley High.
  • From experience: Only add smilies that you absolutely need. If you ever want to remove some of those ridiculous ones you added, you'll have meaningless smilie code all over the place. lmao
  • Actually, the non-trllian ones Q added.. and we've had them from the start... but the trilly ones are from me... i found them in the trillian folder lol... the others that DONT move were manually extracted, made transparent then saved.
  • Yeah the smileys do kick ass.

    Nice job Fish.
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