The LMAO issue

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OK LMAO is just incorrigible. I'm trying to fix it so it doesn't turn up as a bunch of HTML crap. I think I've fixed it this time, but it's screwed up before and will probably do so again, and it's ONLY LMAO. No other smilies have EVER done this. So what I want to know from the community is, should we just ditch that smilie?



  • I love the l m a o smiley, and i would still like to see it used here, so just calm down on the l a m o dammit.
  • I'm only asking because it keeps corrupting and showing up as 'lmao.gif ALT="Laughing My Afs Off!" />' and taking forever to fix.

  • fine ditch it. i still got trillian supplying me with some l-m-a-o
  • Personally I think it's ditch-able, but I want to see what the community says about it and whether I should kill it or leave my hands off it.

  • Q wrote:
    Personally I think it's ditch-able, but I want to see what the community says about it and whether I should kill it or leave my hands off it.


    i know winboys reaction right off the bat.
  • Yea I can guess it too, but I want to know everyone (Who'se gonna bother and respond)'s reactions.

  • i think lamo should be kept but if people use it alot if its kept then we should ditch it.
  • keep it, ill fix it, i know how to... but dont feel like messing with it right now.
  • It's fixed now, took me about 3 tries. How do you do it? Delete and recreate?

  • delete all copies of the thing, like, in the admin panel.... then remake it

    the previous problem was because there were 2 instances of it.
  • so it's not being deleted now?
  • Ok, you may ditch it, if it causes problems with HTML, but I really like that smile... :)
  • whatever, ditch it...i just dont like how I typed "lol" and it comes up as a smiley. If "lol" is gonna be a smiley, it should be like :lol: with ive seen on other boards...

    personally i thought the smiley's here really sucked. no offense.
  • its with colons by deafault
  • Yea, if I write "LoL", without the caps, I want it to say that. colonlolcolon would be much better.
  • Most are with ::s, I think they all were untill Fish added the Tril ones.

  • Well go back to the ::s cuz the trillian ones suck...other forums have way better smileys.
  • Where's Fish when you need him... I have a feeling he'll dislike the idea, but I want to warn him just the same.

  • So I take it you all wanna switch back?
  • I don't think the Tril smilies are any better then the Kam ones, but I'm fine now. I only asked this because I wanted to know what people thought of LMAO and whether or not we should kill it.

  • What does the Kam one look like again?

    Just gimme one smiley for a reminder.
  • :P and :eeeek: are a couple of examples, click "More Emoticons" all the non Tril ones are Kam.

  • Ah yeah I never noticed you guys still had them, probably because I always use the "fast reply" option...

    I just think that when we say "L-O-L" (not with the dashes of course) - that a smiley shouldnt show up.
  • Yea I always use Quick Reply unless I'm using Emoticons that I can't remember the code for.


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