Hovell HetWare6, beware!

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If you're going to try to use it in VPC or VMware, it sucks up VHD/RealHD space like crazy!



  • tell me about it.....if your running vpc with less then 10 gigs dont use 95 or above on it will suck it up, only place i do use vpc is on my mac
  • MacOS is big to begin with. OS9 is like 50MB.
  • Crap man, MacOS 8 takes up about 1GB of space.
  • LMAO! takes me like 30MB on my dumbed down install. Its basically a heavy duty boot disk.
  • I have the whole CD somewhere.
  • I could of gottten the OS9 CD along with a 3GB Macintosh HD, but finally figured out it was SCSI. (thats a Mac user, didnt even list if its SCSI or IDE)
  • Apple always used SCSI, I think they switched to IDE when the G3 came out.
  • I saw some old LC-III's etc. with IDE, ad they did switch to IDE completly around the G3, now I think they use SATA (Serial ATA)
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