Hostway has a third grade education and a harvard degree

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I had a bit of confusion with Hostway and had an "email battle" with them, enjoy!


>> >Hi, I can't seem to be able to set up host masking
>> for my site


>> Hello ,
>> Your domain name is registered with hostway , you
>> need to choose a hosting plan in order to setup a
>> website. You may do so by the following steps :
>> 1) Click on Ordering services on the Top
>> 2) Type your domain name in the field and click on
>> check domain name
>> 3) Check the box that says "This domain is already
>> registered by our services"
>> 4) Click Next
>> 5) Select the hosting plan.


>Um, this in no way answers my question. Let me try
>this again. I bought a few .NETs and I want to mask
>the forwarded url with them, how do I do this with



We sincerely apologize for the invalid response.

Unfortunately we do not support Domain Masking (when the forwarding
address of a web site is hidden from viewers in their browser window).

The only other option is to point your domain name to your Hosting
provider's NameServers. That way you can manage your DNS zone file with
the hosting provider. However, we suggest you to first consult with your
hosting provider.

Thank you.


  • Hostway is a redirect domain service. Basicly what some companys do is get one domain that has .net and then get one from hostway and have it end with .com
  • yeah., but the point is that they hire good and bad people...
  • True, Their tech support sucks major ass.
  • i wonder what you need to qualify for a job there... any idea?
  • Most tech support people read from a manual that will have shit that no one asks about and then they have to get one of they're experts to help out and confuse you or you confuse them.
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