phpBB and Abyss

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How do u configure abyss and phpbb (switched from IIS to Abyss)


  • bah ll explain in the morning
  • Well it is the morning now
  • No, now it is. OK, first, install abyss, then install PHP... setup PHP as a CGI in abyss...

    (instructions here )

    Then install MySQL

    Create a database, then insatll PHPBB, set PHPBB to access the database.
  • If you don't know how to make a database then do this. Go into the directory that you installed MySQL in for a example C:\mysq;\bin and run this simple command.

    Mysqladmin.exe create phpBB

    Then after that run the phpBB installer and tell it to use the database called phpBB.
  • woah woah woah..

    mysqladmin create (database name here)
  • Whats diffrent with mine???
    Samething dude.
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