NOD32 on BlacIII

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OK, I'm on BlacIII, and I CANNOT get NOD32 to update. I know this is Talk section, but it's the most relevant place I can find.

Here's the setup, I can get online/out via the Netwk card. I've installed NOD32 and I try to update it. It says there's a new update availible, so I know that it can connect and download (I can also get to the site via Firefox), but then it sits there @ 0 kb and then tells me "Server Connection failure" no matter what I do.





  • Never mind, I figured it out. My intuition was right, but it was a COMPLETELY out-of-the-way thing that was doing it.

    Now for SETi!

  • And how have you fixed that problem??
  • Disabled "DNS Proxy" in the router. Now before anyone jumps on me for that, let me point out that all logic pointed AWAY from the router, considering that BlacII.1 has been able to update NOD32 fine for many months without that disabled. Why BlacIII couldn't take it, I don't know. But now all is well and BlacIII / FishOutPost is steadily esablishing itself in the community!

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