Installing apache on SuSE....

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now i got my laptop working again, i decided to install something else on my server.... as SuSE was the only thing i had on CD i thought i might as well try it.

so i installed it, it went fine, now all i got to do is put apache on there...

i went to SuSE's site and found this link:

so i downloaded "apache-1.3.31-0.1.i586.rpm"
but when i come to install it it gives me this screen...

click here

any ideas how i can fix this?


  • Download and install this and then retry Apache.

  • i installed both but now i cant seem to find where apache is. :S

    do i have to restart or what?
  • No you shouldn't have to restart.

    Try using "locate" command to find Apache, or redownload.

  • yay! it works thanx Q

    now for php.....
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