Windows 95 ver. C

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I'm looking for Windows 95C, Windows 2.11(386) and Microsoft Flight Simulator 95.
Do you know where can I get them??


  • regster first dont just ask for stuff

  • Look, the WHOLE POINT of this section is for ppl to ask about ABW that WinWorld doesn't have, but should. No registration is EVER required to ask.

    I"ll look into the 1st 2, we don't usually have ABW games, no MSFS 95 might not get added.

  • Yes, I have also been looking for 95 C for a long time, I have like 2/3 of the many parts of the one tomchu had, then he disabled the account because "no one was using it" and never put it up for me to finish, I downloaded from a certain someone who shall not be named and since then all of his fricken files seem to be infected with parite...
  • me have c
  • Ive got C and 386, but WinWorld has 386 on it..
  • I use to have Windows95c. I know a way to turn Windows95b (AKA OSR2) into Windows95c. Install all of the updates and find the IE addon that gives you the gay IE plugin for ActiveDesktop.
  • ...i GAVE you Win95C!!
  • You did? I guess I better look at my FTP more often lol.
  • m pretty sure I gave you that one... or maybe it was OSR2 I gave you, either way I think its the same thing..
  • Fist eddition - 95
    OSR 1.0 - 95 A
    OSR 2.0 - 95 B
    OSR 2.1 - fixed OEM 95B with more features
    OSR 2.5 - 95C
  • From what I was told when I was in college it was

    Windows95a (Frist Ed - OSR2.0)
    Windows95b (OSR2.1)
    Windows95c (OSR2.2)
  • FIRST... you sad you didnt go to college.....

    second, 95a s NOT OSR2
  • When did I say I didn't go to college???

    Back when Tom was calling me a drop out I told him "How can I be a drop out if I went to college?"

    If you remember correctly I DID say I WENT to COLLEGE.
  • You said you dropped out of highschool when you were 16...
  • ok....Im not gonna get into this, but I know what I stated above was true about 95.
  • Hello, my name is justin. I was wondering if any of you guys know of a link or place to download windows 95c or b. i would like this to bring my old compaq presario 1215 laptop back to life. Thanks alot
  • ... bContent=1

    That should clear up any OSR/ABC confusion. 2.5 is C.

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