Colorado Backup 4.70/1.70 (DOS/Windows 9x) download problem

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I think the newly-added Colorado Backup 4.70/1.70 (DOS/Windows 9x) has wrong URL. The URL to the program is: ... ack290.rar

I think the URL above is wrong because that is also the URL pointed by the Colorado Backup 2.90 for Windows 3.xx (two applications should not share same URL, aren't they?)


  • Really and truelly all you need is the Cackup Program that comes with windows. The Win3.1 copy from that link your talking about will work, heck the DOS version will even work.

    A tape drive is like a CD-RW, virutaly no speacial srivers and theres over a hand full of programs to use for the drive. The only diffrences is its a tape.
  • URI fixed.

  • I havnt had any luck using mine under NT4, but I cant seem to locate my tapes. I could use it on tje floppy controller, but the PC I have it in has 2 floppys.
  • The tape drive can be used on it's on special controller or use the Floppy drive controller. There is a cable that splices into the Floppy cable so you can use two floppys and the tape drive. If you don't have the cable you can make one from two Floppy cables. Remove one of the hook ups from one of the floppy cables and put it on the other so you have three connections. Have it set like the one used for the B: drive. Although I heard that with some floppy drives it will interfear with this setup.
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