Winamp 5.something is pissing me off

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Okay, i just reinstalled windows 1 week ago. already i am having major problems with winamp which requires me to reinstall it. it works only twice and then crashes and refuses to load there after. any suggestions on what the FUCK is going on with it?


  • Try to delete Winamp, delete all registry keys connected with it... and then install it again.
  • try earlier versions.....
  • Slash wrote:
    Try to delete Winamp, delete all registry keys connected with it... and then install it again.
    i did that.
    BOD wrote:
    try earlier versions.....
    tryed that, but some files i try to play on it sound strange (damn mp4s)
  • Ask Fish, he's the resident WinAMP expert.

  • i do notice i only have that problem if i use the modern skin, but if i choose the classic skin at setup, setup crashes and refuses to load. i ve redownloaded the file so many times i could of used the time i wasted to finish downloading suse and slackware.
  • Better remove 5.05 and try 2.95. And get an MP4 plugin for it.
  • Fish always says that 2.91 is the best version. I don't know, but I'd be willing to trust him.

  • Mine favourits are 2.91 and 2.95...
  • Hmm...the only problems I've ever had with WinAMP is that sometimes when I click a song to play, it plays it in one speaker. Really strange. The problem fixes itself though like 3 songs later but I dont see how it does that. I check all my speaker wires and their all good.
  • WTF use 2.91, all versions after it were crap.
  • you got a crack or something...and i forget does 2.91 read filenames and display them? ID3 tags are a bitch to do.
  • v2.91 cant read Russian tags at all, v2.95 does...
  • well i dont need to worry bout RUSSIAN
  • I find later versions have HUGE problems with ID3 tags that have weird UniCode characters in it, like pi or whatever. Haven't experienced personally but my friend in Cairns says so.
  • i installed winamp 3 and its good enough right now. as for the mp4 s people keep giveing me, screw them.
  • Winamp3 is a bit slow and buggy, but, it's OK...
    Better than WMP!
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