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I somehow got Bloodhound.Packed virus. A generic nameed virus. No removal tool have to do it manually. Well anyway i have discussed this with FISHNET 3000 on AIM. He said he had it and had to reformat. Im trying very hard to avoid that. Fish just to let you know i have done a scan in safemode. Qureteened the virus. Now i am not able to open programs and the programs like Norton AV don't start when windows starts. Well ive made some backups just in case i have to reformat. Im going to do a Online virus scan and see what happens from there. If that don't solve i will try going back to a good time or whatever its called on the bootscreen when you tap on F8 on startup.


  • Go into safemode and mess around with the registry. Also see if any programs start up with windows that you never seen or used before in the systray and taskmanager.
  • Well ive already formatted the drive. I don't think that worked though because the disk that gateway gives to format a drive doese it to quick. You press one button its fdisked and formatted to FAT 32. Then you put OS Disk in it installes somefiles then converts is to NTFS ETC.
  • Your using a resque disc. Most of the time it doesn't even repartition the drive. It just uses the FORMAT C: /Q command. Or since it uses NTFS it probly converts it back to FAT32 then Converts back to NTFS.

    I remember one time one of my friends had a computer problem and he got me to try and fix it and I used the standard way on installing Windows 2000 and after everything installed it wouldn't boot and would get a error saying that "You must use the restore CD that was issued with your system. If you have more problems please contact your local dealer." I tryed again but this time with the restore CD and it installed win98 and crap that he never uses. Then I tryed the Windows 2000 Upgrade and it installed and when it would boot he would get the "NTDLR missing" error. Well long story short I switch out BIOSes from a PC that had similer hardware.
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