Microsoft Office is evil!

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I don't want Microsoft Office accessing the Internet so I blocked it in Sygate Firewall but whenever I copy and paste text from a website, MS Word will always try to access the net and even stop responding for a few seconds. Is there no way to get around this without allowing access? I've even tried copy and paste to Notepad, then to MS Word which is a waste of time.

Is it paranoid of me to block MS Office's access to the net? Evil :(


  • Umm... Why the [CS] does Word DO that!? Is it checking to see if what you're copying is DRMd or DMCAd?! I've heard of 'Web Integration', but that's going a bit far.


    PS. Try OpenOffice, it can read and write MSOffice docs.
  • I know Visio is always wanting Internet Access for stuff, like the help file and images. It doesn't work well when I'm sharing dial up over a proxy at my vacation house.
  • What the hell?! My Word XP has NEVER done that stuff... or at least it didnt when I had ZoneAlarm Pro..
  • Yeh, I used to have M$ office but I now have Openoffice. Much easer to use, less errors (on my computer anyway...)

  • I think it access the net when you copy and paste from a website so it can use the correct margins and crap. Use Open Office.

    MS-Office is spooky, look at clippie. He scares me!
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