Help with Internet on DOS.

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I know how to get the internet on Windows 3.1.
I am trying to get the net on FREEDOS Beta 9 RC5.
I installed MSClient and it seems to work fine.
Anything else I need to do like get a TCP/IP stack?
Or MS Client installs that?
And I get Aracne? Or that DOS browser I forget the exact name.


  • You need a DOS Packet driver to load in your autoexec.bat file.
  • oh, then load your DOS browser as in your case, Arachne which is the best one out there.

    Or Lynx which is just text.
  • Thank you for the info, its great appricated.
  • This makes me want to try this some time.

    I may have to. Well, I got an old 486 with a 3Com Etherlink III, a packer driver shouldnt be hard to find :-)
  • hey, what are the specs on the PC? Arachne should have EGA or VGA (OR Radioshacks enhanced CGA), a 286 16, 1M RAM and 5M HD space.
  • Oh, the packet driver should be with the driver package. sometimes you can run the NIC install/test program and itll stick the packet driver in a location that you specify.
  • The packet driver is mostly used for netware networking. I wouldn't use MS Client at all if your going to use the packet driver.

    Heres what you should use (software wise).

    CD-ROM drivers (thats if you're going to use a CD-ROM drive. Also use the drivers that are made for the drive and don't use the generic drivers.
    Packet Driver for your Network card.
    Mouse driver
    vim (The best text edirot ever. need this to config your files)

    Also you should load ANSI.SYS into the CONFIG.SYS file so most programs will run smoother.
  • What? Netware as far as I know is its own Network OS that uses its own drivers. Did you ever notive the big 3 for NIC drivers. Windows 9X, NT, NETWARE.
  • netware uses the same packet drivers. The only thing diffrent is a bunch of addons for network use.
  • OOhhhhhh........

    I dont use nor want to use Netware anyway. If I want to run a server, Ill use me a copy of Windows NT/2000
  • NetWare is strange, i tired it. It's like something ontop of DOS...

  • Isnt it it's own OS itself?

    I got a virus that fucked up my partitions are said I had like 1 non-DOs and 1 netware partition
  • Its a driver, nothing more nothing less. Netware does have a OS but it isn't common for most people to own, mostly schools use it.
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