Kickass image hosting

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* Max 900kB per image
* Only JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF
* Max 15 uploads per day per user
* Max 5GB traffic per week per user
* If image gets no views for 15 days it will be deleted!



  • I use
    90kb/image with no restrictions!
  • Hmmmm..... I think skycache is better.

    I've used Sony ImageStation, don't know what their restrictions are.
  • Do you have to register at Just looking at the website is a turn off.

    I agree skycache is better, nice and simple, click the upload button to upload your image files and it gets deleted after 15 days of non-viewing.

    I can see a downside which is you can't manually delete the files you upload and also you may forget what the filename is unless you kept a copy on your computer.

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