2 new smilies!

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:ffx!: [Code : ffx! :]

For obvious uses.

:tse: [Code : tse :]

Now we can have a real INVASION.



  • ^_^ awsome!

  • who ever made these should fix the whiteness around the images. Other than that, they're cool :-) :ffx!:
  • the white around the edges is gay!
  • It's for light backgrounds. Someone break out an editor and add some transparency to it :P
  • Its because the Icons for firefox and IE while running on XP have shadowing... if they had run it under 2000 or somthing then they'd have looked better
  • No, it's because it lacks transparency. It has nothing to do with the OS.
  • um no...... they had to get the icons from somwhere didn't they? most probably it was by taking a screen shot of the icons and pasteing in to a gif.....

    because XP shadows the icons they couldn't get rid of the white..... notice how the rest of it is transparent?

    you'd have to ask whoeevr made the gif, but i'd garantee you thats what they did.....
  • And they took a screenshot of the smiley as well?
  • the smiliy is different.... it is probably a lack of tranparency..... but its not the same as the icons... look closley at the icons..... you can tell the white is a different shade due to shadowing... especialy the firefox icon
  • How about I extract a Firefox icon from within XP and post it here?
  • fine, make the background transparent.....

    anyways go ahead... XP icons are shaded..... or rather the programer makes a Icon for XP that is shaded.....

    XP itself doesn't shade them... its the maker of the icon...... perhaps i should have stated that more clearly

    XP uses the XP version of the icon... which is typicaly shaded.
  • Now why did this get locked?

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