Question: How to make a phone line call from Windows XP?

I've recently got a modem for the PC and I tried plugging in the phone line into the modem phone input. I've got all the needed to make a call, now it works like a cell phone (Who needs Win10 when you can make prank calls from XP). The only problem I've got is that I cannot "send" voice; I can hear who I called to, but they can't hear me, what I note is that the Dialer/Hyperterminal marks as if the call wouldn't have been answered yet, so the problem might be there. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks


  • Maybe you don't have a microphone?

  • I have a connected microphone and I can record from it (I've tested). The problem is that I don't know what to use for make it work. As far as I understood, The microphone is usable for internet calls (It appears as avaible), but when choosing audio device for phone line calls, it show everything as grey, as if there wouldn't be a mic connected (It even says 'No device detected')

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    Press Win+R, then type 'dialer.exe' in the dialog box. This should launch Windows's Phone Dialer program. It's been there since Windows 95 and is still present in Windows 10.

  • As I wrote up, I used Dialer for this "experiment" and got the same result, but thanks for answering!

  • something when you plug in a microphone on XP you need to go into Mater Volume on XP, click Microphone advanced, use 1 Mic boost to boost the sound.

  • It looks like I was kinda wrong. For calls, I can use any microphone, but the problem is whether the modem supports sending audio, and my PCI modem doesn't supports sending audio (It just works as a data modem) so I think I'll have to get a new one in order to make calls

  • Haven't heard of any non-voip phone apps that used the modem. As far as I remember, Dialer was just supposed to be used to dial numbers. You were meant to then pick up the phone to talk to the person after it finished dialing the number.

  • @BlueSun how would this work? Is there a passthrough port on the back of the modem to hook up your phone?

  • There usually is, but it's not necessary... it's basically just acting as another phone on the line and initiating the call. It would be the same as someone in the living room picking up the phone, making a call and then you pick up the phone in the bedroom to start talking.

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