Apple to release Lisa OS source

Just happened to stumble on this:

It appears the Computer History Museum is planning to release source code for the Apple Lisa Office System. From the sound if it, this includes all of the Lisa Office applications.

They are reporting that the code will be released as "open source", but I am wondering if that is correct. If you recall, they also made source code for Microsoft Word 1.1 for Windows but that was license was sort of "look but don't touch".

No info yet if this include any build toolchain tools.

The LisaOS was rather interesting and seemed to have more in common under the hood with the Xerox Alto/Star than the Macintosh. My understanding was much if it was written using Pascal system tools, I don't remember if that meant it used an actual P-System or Smalltalk-like VM, but that was the trend at the time. The Macintosh software used more assembly and tightly compiled code in order to fit in 128k of ram.

Anyway, that should be interesting.


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