Windows 1.0 Beta

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imageWindows 1.0 Beta

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  • Work's on Wendin Dos?

    Wendin DOS is a clone of MS/PC-DOS that runs on 8088 machines, but offers multitasking on 386+.
    Try it and see what happens.

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    This Beta Build was shown Science Vie Micro Magazine on 05-1985. There could been another Windows 1.0 beta build between Windows 1.0 Alpha and 1.0 Beta because Windows 1.0 Alpha do not have Paint but Windows 1.0 Beta do have it. This Beta Build look like it between Windows 1.0 Alpha and Windows 1.0 Beta.

  • To install Windows Beta on a directory, you must make a directory in the command prompt. Then, on the part where it asks you for a directory you must put the name of the directory you just made. The Windows Beta setup will NOT create a directory for you, if you put a non-existent directory, then you'll get a error that says ''General Failure error reading device AUX''.

  • I've updated the installation instructions, and therefore pruned a number of redundant or incorrect comments.

    I'm still a little vague as to why Paint freezes sometimes. For example, I made a quick DOS 3.3 1.44mb floppy. In QEMU Paint crashed. But on real hardware, using the exact same bit-for-bit disk image, it ran fine. Also, paint worked in QEMU if run under DOS 2.x.
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