Vanilla 2.5 installed

Came out a few days ago, might as well not be too behind on upgrades like we were before. Everything seems to have went along fine though. Let me know in replies if anything gets set on fire.


  • Wow, the new administrative dashboard in this new version is hideous.

  • In what way? I'm curious. At least everything thing else of this update looks fine to me, and still functional at least.

  • edited January 2018

    Well, the old one was a more or less standard HTML page. This new one is like someone took some bad washed-out mobile design and shit it in to a desktop web browser. If I run in a window, like I normally do since I am not a blue-led loving consumetard, it makes me use this long drop-down menu to access anything, I have to scroll down but it disappears after clicking something. Very bad design.
    The normal user facing part did not change much, although there seems to be some script on the main page that take longer to process (probably not noticeable to most)

  • I haven't noticed any important change.

  • @SomeGuy

    I guess your eyes are on fire.

  • Upgraded to 2.5.1, somewhat belatedly.

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