Sha1 Checksum incorrect on download

Microsoft MS-DOS 3.30 (5.25-360k) (download url: shows a sha1 checksum of c3afe280a134c2a0c2b43a415c0cc2b2c2bdc3a2 on the web site but when I download it, I come up with: ef8734a0b43a415c0cb2bde2d1fa50dd63d7d98c. I checked several of the other downloads on that same page and all of them are a mismatch.
I saw another report of the Windows 3.11 checksums being mismatched as well, so I checked a couple of other files (OS/2, PC-MOS) and none of the hashes matches when the files are downloaded.
I can't swear that all of the files have mismatching sha1 hashes, but I have now tried 16 files and none of them came up with a match.

Thanks, GregSS


  • Update -- I checked 3 files in the Applications download section and all 3 of them are correct. Maybe it is only the OS section of the downloads.
    Thanks, GregSS

  • This is a known issue. Some of the SHA1 checksum values got messed up in the database at some point. The files are fine though.

  • I wonder if it might be good to temporarily disable displaying checksums until this is fixed in the database. There's no point in using them if they're incorrect and I think it reflects poorly on the quality of the library.

  • SomeGuy, I thought that might be the case, but, better safe than sorry. I copied one of the downloads and with a little free time unpacked the files in a VM and compared them with Beyond Compare to be sure all the files were the same and they were good so I have complete confidence in the rest of the downloads.


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