Visualizations of images in a MS Word 97 (?) file

Hello everybody,
I would like to ask your help!
I have an old microsoft word file that contains the copy-paste of a webpage (it is about grafting); it contains beautiful pictures, but some of them can not be seen anymore (1st chapter, up to page 12). If I'm not wrong it has been saved the last time with a word97 running on a Win XP.
I tried to boot the same computer with which it has been saved the last time (so re-creating the same condition of the last time when I could see the images) but there was no way to boot it anymore! (not being used for too long).
I have saved the original file (last saved: Sept 1st, 2006!) in a Dropbox folder; this is the link:

I would kindly ask if somebody have any idea on how to do to visualize the images (1st chapter, up to page 12). Or better, if you can, to save -please- the images for me!
The original website has been moved to a new one, but even in this case the situation is very bad (even worse, because many more pictures are not visible on the website, while in my .doc they are). These are the links:

(1st chapter, up to page 12 - the one I'm interested in)

(2nd and following chapters - I have the pictures in my Word file, they are no longer available on internet - for your reference only)

I will be grateful to anybody that can help me.

Regards, Davide

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