Need a place for buying old hardware

Hi! I have some projects in my mind but I don't find any place for buying hardware, any recommendations?


  • I get all my old parts mostly from Ebay and Amazon these days. MCM Electronics, JDR Microdevices, Cyberguys, and Jameco used to handle older parts, but not anymore. I would be interested if you find any vendors that handle vintage PC parts!!

  • Have a look at eBay, local sites similar to Craigslist, and other places like this. Make sure you don't overpay for something though.

  • Well, ebay didn´t help me find an old case, im searching for a case of the early 2000s

  • Computer/Electronics recycling centers are your best bet. Ask someone who works there if you can grab some parts or people bringing items in. Also before you go look up the laws for your state concerning the issue, because some states ban citizens taking used computers from the dump because personal information is still possibly on the hard drives.

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