Windows 1.0 1.02

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Windows 1.0 1.02

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  • Disk name error in the release Microsoft Windows 1.02 (5.25).

  • There is Beta Build Windows 1.02. Windows 1.02.02 Beta was on ebay now is sold. The computer with this build of Windows 1.02 has since been sold.

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    Windows 1.02 Siemens PC-D r1.01 English version, running in the MAME emulator.

  • Windows 1.02 Siemens PC-D OEM in German running in "positive video mode" (black and white)

  • Disk4 and disk5 are swapped in "Microsoft Windows 1.02 (5.25)"
  • Strictly speaking, the disks in Windows 1 are not referred to by number, but rather by name. Setup, Build, Fonts, etc. Some of the archives may have them numbered as 1, 2, 3, etc, but setup may sometimes ask for them in a different order.
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