PC-DOS 7.10

I decided to collect all of the known versions of this DOS into a single collection. This DOS has never been issued as an available distibution. Some files exist only in Norton Ghost network load images. All have been extracted. The diskette also includes the PC-DOS 7,0 files that have been distributed with these sets.



  • This seems to be all the "updates" issued in-sequence (like IBM always did). I managed to find a Boot Disk that may/may-not have all of the "latest" files on it. AFAIKR, the usual method was to simply replace the older version with the newer version. In the Mainframe world, they used APARS. Thanks for the collection (I may have that last one already).

  • The build numbers are based on bldlevel.com. They come from a great variety of sources, though, and mostly just files in a directory.

  • Thank you for making this final version of IBMdos available.
    The Lenovo recovery set for T61 also contains the upgraded version of command.com, ibmdos.com, ibmbio.com, himem.sys, and some other files that the recovery process uses; but not format32.com which is very useful when installing IBMdos 7.1 on a hard-drive.

    Why have DOS enthusiasts ignored this DOS ? In 2003 it already did what FreeDOS could only do 10-15 years later.
  • Most people ignored it because it was not licensed for free redistribution like FreeDOS, and these final versions did not have a single complete, solid commercial distribution. That and it did not have as much prior market penetration as MS-DOS, so compatibility and capability was usually gauged around MS-DOS 6.22 or Windows 9x DOS 7.x.
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