Any Good Programs to Remove Junk on Computers?

So my computer is losing space and is getting slower. It is new and only two years old so I don't want to get a new one. I am looking for a program that will fix things such as:

  1. Registry Errors
  2. Temp files that don't matter
  3. Remove old software files like the left over directory's and temp files after they have been uninstalled.

I have been using CCleaner but it can't check everything off my list.

Thanks for your help :D


  • Try:

    -- PatchCleaner by HomeDev - removes orphaned MSIs from uninstalled programs
    -- Disk Cleanup (built into Windows) - click on "clean system files" and check anything pertaining to old Windows updates...

    CCleaner does Registry cleanup fine; you just need to run the Registry Cleaner 2-3 times for it to clean up every last bit of cruft.

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    Ok thanks, it worked I cleaned up about 4gb with PatchCleaner.

  • I occasionally reinstall Windows (if that's what you're using). It always leads to a faster machine, despite everyone's claims that Windows "doesn't slow down over time".

  • Yeah I backed up my stuff and did a reset about 3 months ago.

  • Also go into Task Manager (Startup tab) and disable unnecessary startup items.

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