[OFFER] IBM PS/2 Mouse Program V. 1.10

Someone indicated their interest in this from the ebay hardware thread so here it is if anyone cares.

Came with my NOS original IBM PS/2 mouse.

Contents are

Three batch files, labeled "1", "2", and "IBMMOUSE" and the Mouse.com program

720k Floppy image (My USB floppy drive supports 720k, wow.)


I tested the mouse with my Windows 98 machine and it worked without the... driver? I don't really know what to call it but it seems extraneous. Love me some PS/2 stuff though.


  • Wow. All they included was an MS-DOS driver. Most other mice at least bundled a menu TSR and a test utility.

    I was hoping it might contain their official driver for Windows 1.x. However, I'm guessing the original 1987 release probably wasn't much different from this disk.

    There were a few other application environments, and occasionally mice would come bundled with updated or customized drivers for those (Including IBM OS/2).

    Still, this disk being a later 1989 release, they would have already dropped any Windows 1.x driver had there been one.


  • Heh. All the disk does is copy MOUSE.COM to the system drive. They didn't even use a CHOICE command either; IBMMOUSE exits to the prompt and choices 1 and 2 are actually names of other batch files! Low-quality but smart.

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