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Hey everyone, here is a list of what I have that WinWorld does not seem to. If any of this looks interesting, let me know. I've never uploaded anything here (lots to other abandonware sites), and I'm not sure what the protocol is. All can be provided in whatever image format you need for upload, as I have the original media for all of these (except the one noted as such).

Operating Systems:
Digital UNIX 4.0A (AXP)
IBM AIX 4.3.2 (PPC)
IBM AIX 4.3.3 (PPC)
Red Hat Linux 6.1 (x86)
SCO OpenDesktop/OpenServer 3.0 (x86) <----- I'm missing the boot disks, but have the CD-ROM
Sun Solaris 2.6 [Edition 5/98] (x86)
Sun Solaris 8 [Edition 6/00] (SPARC) <----- It looks like you may have this, not sure which edition is on the site

HP MemoMaker 1.01 (HP-UX) <------ I don't have original media for this, just a user-created backup disk
Informix Wingz 1.1 (WIN/OS2)
Quark QuarkXPress 4.0 (WIN) <----- The site says you'd like a redump from original media
Structured Software Solutions FacetTerm (XENIX)
Voyetra Sequencer Plus for the Sound Blaster Pro (DOS)

IBM VisualAge C++ Professional for AIX 4.0.2 (AIX)
Sun Java Workshop 2.0 (WIN/SOLARIS)


  • That FacetTerm and VisualAge sound interesting. I’m afraid we don’t have an upload system in place, so anything you wish to contribute you will need to put on a file sharing site or somewhere and PM me a link.

    Not sure about that memomaker. If it is files from a disk set, perhaps. But if it is an “installed’ copy there probably isn’t much that can be done with it. I have no way to test HP-UX stuff.

  • Sure, can do. VisualAge is on CD, is MDS/MDF good or do you prefer ISO (or BIN/CUE for that matter)? FacetTerm is on floppy disks, do you just want the IMG files, or do you want the Kryoflux stream files as well?

    As far as Memo-Maker goes, I'm not sure what is exactly on the disk. The Kryoflux dumped it successfully (no bad sectors), but I have no way of reading the resulting image. I have access to an HP-UX machine, but its an HP 9000. Memo-Maker is for the HP 200-series workstations. Different architecture completely (PA-RISC vs m68k, respectively).

  • ISO is preferred unless there are multiple/audio tracks. Please send them inside a compressed (zip/rar/7z) file.

    Normally, I would say just IMG files if you know he disks are not copy protected, but if you are unsure of the content just send me KF images and I will sort it out.

  • FacetTerm is a must for any Xenix/UnixWare fans out there!

  • Hi, big time interest in "IBM VisualAge C++ Professional for AIX 4.0.2 (AIX)" or XL C/C++, any IBM compiler that would work on AIX 4.3.x-5.1.x.

  • Sorry about the delay. I had a hard disk crash over the weekend, and I'm still picking up the pieces. In any case, I should be able to send the files to @SomeGuy for upload sometime within the next few days.

    @dhau I believe that XL C/C++ is on disc 2 of the VisualAge install discs. I know it (XL C/C++ that is, I haven't tried VisualAge yet) works on AIX 5.3, as I've tested it. I haven't tested on 4.3.3, but I suspect it would work fine. IIRC, the box says it's for 4.1 and up.

  • @thunderbird32 this is excellent news! Thanks for your time and effort

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    Yo @thunderbird32 , could you please drop me a link to the 4.3.3 iso's ? I'm searching for the images for almost 1,5 years now, because i want to reinstall my 43p 150 workstation. Thanks in advance.

  • I'd love to see Sun Solaris!

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    Which one do you want Solaris 2.6 (x86), or Solaris 8 (SPARC)?

  • @mechtecs I've PM'd you the link

  • @thunderbird32 <3 to u :D thank u very much

  • I'd be very interested in AIX 5.1 PPC. I've had a rough time finding a functional OS for my machine.

  • Hello, I am interested in AIX 4.3.3 PPC

  • Big Linux Fan here, I am interested in Red Hat Linux 6.1 (x86)

  • @Small Technology Which version of Solaris were you wanting?

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    Here is a list of new stuff I've added to my collection. If any of this looks interesting, let me know, and I'll pass it along:

    Deneba Canvas 6.0.1 (WIN)
    DevTech DeskMan/2 1.51 (OS2)
    Footprint Works 1.0 (OS2)
    Lotus Ami Pro 1.2B (WIN)
    Micrografx Designer 2.0 (WIN)
    MicroPro Wordstar 2000 for the AT&T UNIX PC (UNIX)
    R:BASE 2.1 (OS2)
    Solution Systems Brief 2.1 (DOS)
    Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 (SOLARIS)

    Sun SPARCworks Professional C/C++ 3.01 (SunOS/SOLARIS) <-----No license key available
    Sun WorkShop C/C++ 4.2 (SOLARIS) <------I don't have a full license key, but there is a perpetual demo key floating around online for this

    Note: Both of the above supposedly have ALL the compilers included (C/C++/FORTRAN/Ada/etc). However, I haven't attempted to install either yet, so I can't confirm.

  • All of those applications sound good. Would absolutly like to get that OS/2 R:Base and AT&T UnixPC WordStar out there. WW only has the Spanish version of AMI Pro 1.2.

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    @SomeGuy I'll probably need your help to get the WordStar release into usable shape. IIRC, the UNIX PC used a weird track layout. I'll just send you the Kryoflux dumps for that one.

    I've tested both Ami Pro and R:Base, so I know they work correctly.

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    Newly aquired:
    Symbolics Open Genera 1.0 (September 1993) (Digital UNIX)

  • @thunderbird32 Hi, just saw your post. I am really interested in Solaris 8 SPARC, do you still have it? Thanks!

  • Most of the stuff on this thread has been sent to @SomeGuy, and is just waiting for upload. If anyone wants any of it early, let me know, and I'll send you a link.

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