Apparently, I'm a spammer

You have posted 2 times within 60 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 60 seconds before attempting to post again.

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with this, especially when I'm a speedy poster sometimes. I hope the "spam block" is only in effect for just a short time and not going to be permanent. Most other forum softwares don't have the flood control to this extreme so if it can be lowered to say half that, then that would be more than appreciated.


  • ooooh, you're a bad, bad person ;)

  • That is a poorly worded error message. I think you just have to wait a minute or so.

    We already have had problems with idiots trying to come in here and flood the place with crap, especially when they try to treat this place like Fucking Twitter(TM). In my opinion, 60 seconds is actually too low. Fortunately, things have been very quiet recently, otherwise I might have to increase it.

    If you don’t spend at least 60 seconds thinking about what you are posting, then it probably doesn’t need to be here.

  • Supposing if things do go out of hand regarding the quickness of posts, what would be the proposed increase? Two minutes? And yes, I can understand your frustration of people using this site as if it was Twitter but even so, a higher flood control limit can put off a lot of people from posting altogether. Just my opinion.

  • Yeah the reasoning for that is simple, we have some new members who join us then choose to post somewhere, then somewhere else, then somewhere else either to harass or otherwise get attention, and we had to put some things in place to prevent this from occurring as much.

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