Possible security issues with 7-Zip

"Is it time to give up on 7-Zip?
That’s why it pains me to report that several people ... are taking 7-Zip to task for failing to keep up with key security features."

This article has just appeared at the AskWoody web site.

As WinWorld uses 7-Zip exclusively, is this a security issue to be concerned about?


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    The issue is completely with the client. Which is why I make sure all archives on Winworld are compressed with an earlier, more compatible 7z compression method. That means you should be able to open the archives in almost any program that supports 7zip.

    What they are saying is that in theory - and only in theory - an intentionally corrupted archive might try to exploit some bug, and without this security blanket, it would be a hair easier to do bad things. Whoopity doo.

    Unfortunately there are some major down sides to some kinds of “security”, for example, it becomes harder or impossible to support older OSes. Which is exactly what the corporate security shills want, because it keeps everyone on the upgrade train buying new products. Fuck them.

  • Nothing to worry about. Honestly, I still use the old version 3.13 on pretty much all 32-bit Windows installs. It's always worked great for me and I've never had a virus attach itself through simply unpacking an archive, or attempting a corrupt one. Actually, I haven't had a virus in over 10 years.

    Even IF it ever becomes possible to infect a machine through an intentionally corrupted file, practice safe habits and you'll be fine. If you're the type of person who just opens random zip files from any old place, chances are you're also the type of person who would launch the virus.exe files inside them. So, you'd end up being infected either way.

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