Mac OS X 10.1

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Mac OS X 10.1

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  • Also runs under QEMU-PPC.

  • There has got to be a way for this to work on Virtualbox.

  • @fearlessjazp567 said:
    There has got to be a way for this to work on Virtualbox.

    Unfortunately, Mac OS X versions prior to 10.4 are PowerPC only, so there's no way you can get this (or any version prior to 10.4) to run on Virtualbox. Use PearPC or QEMU instead as those two can be used to emulate older Mac OS X versions on a regular PC.

  • The second download, (10.1.5F24) is the Macworld Preview.

  • There's a lot of prereleasse. Wonder why some of them are labeled as "archive"...

  • Anyone know where the Project Builder and other developer tools are with these?

  • I could install the RTM through PearPC but after copying files and rebooting it would just lag and then kernel panic. Then I used the hard disk image on QEMU and it worked perfectly fine except for sound. It can run most apps with an exception of QuickTime which would freeze the system.
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