None of the downloads work

Hello I'm new to WinBoards.
I've been having some download issues such as when I was going to download a Windows 98 SE ISO file, it either comes up with "Server disallowed" or "Invalid download id". The latter only appears if I try to download from the server "Ricky" and the server "Bubbles" won't even load. I have done the download test and my IP appears different if I enter a download server. I have tried many different files and they will not download however if I try Firefox the download will begin. The downloads used to work in Chrome as well but now they only work in Firefox.

Useful info:
OS:Windows 8.1
ISP:TalkTalk (It's an ISP in the UK)


  • It seems to be that your ISP is providing an IP different from the ones of the servers, so it will not allow it. Try resetting your router or use a different IP that matches the servers.

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    Bubbles has been under heavy load lately, explaining the inability to connect. I will look into the Invalid download ID issue on Ricky, however I did some cursory testing and can't replicate it thus far.

    "Server disallowed" is a problem with your ISPs probable use of CGNAT. It causes the IP mismatch which triggers our anti-hotlink script. While written to stop freeloaders, it does unfortunately causes problems for a small percentage of our users.

    We are looking into a replacement that won't rely on IP addresses in the near future and making the entire download process more robust. I can't give a timeframe, but keep an eye out.

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