Windows Longhorn 4074 cannot run setup

I downloaded Windows Longhorn 4074 x64 (from mirror 4) and assigned it a VM with 512MB RAM, 64MB video memory, a 24GB hard disk, and a single-core processor @1.8Ghz. I booted it from the Longhorn ISO, and i get the following error.

 File \AMD64\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded.
 The error code is 22.

I tried build 4051 and got the same error, but it gave code 4.


  • According to Windows 3.11 (and MS-DOS 7.1), the file \AMD64\ntkrnlmp.exe does not exist.

  • I just tried it and it worked for me, I did get errors about an af31033.am_ file, which was located in the right place and expanded fine when I manually tried it... but the iso did boot and install correctly to a VM for me.

    Did you modify the clock correctly in your VM's bios? I wonder if this is the timebomb trolling you. Per
    You should set the date to somewhere around 26/04/2004.

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