Vintage Computing Festival SE 6.0

Just a reminder, for anyone in the Atlanta area, the Vintage Computing Festival SE is being held on April 21 and April 22.

This year it it taking place at a new, larger location with more goodies to gawk at.

Come visit and find out what a REAL computer is.


  • I live about 4 and a half hours away in Statesboro, but I have family near Atlanta. Maybe I'll pay them a visit and go to the festival too.

  • I live about 5 hours away in McRae-Helena, but I have family Atlanta. I might go to the festival.

  • Dang,first i have seen about this.Live about 4 hrs away,would surely tried to go.Maybe next year.....

  • Next year the museum portion with the big iron/mainframe stuff should be open, so more to see then!

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