ClarisWorks 5.x

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imageClarisWorks 5.x

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  • Oh, I miss this! ClarisWorks was one of the best office suites ever made; no other suite's drawing module (not even LibreOffice Draw) can compare.

  • The purchase and wrecking of Clarisworks was about the sabotage of one of the most widely used software of its time. Properly developed to current Windows standards it would swamp most other database programs. Seems there wasn't and still isn't enough intelligence in the community of computer software technical people to do it. in 2023
  • Here I am again, lamenting the death of Clarisworks. I still use it for practical reasons on windows 10. Is there anyone who knows how to get into the corpse of the version 5.1 and edit it to windows 10 standard? Some of you rich guys giving money away on Utube shorts.... Can any of you spare funds to do this work. There simply is no other program in existence to do what it can do. Its current worst feature is that it wont respond to a modern mouse's right click range of assets.
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