Windows Longhorn Post-Reset



  • So 5920.16387 just leaked, if anyone has an ISO please give a link, thank you

  • Windows Longhorn build 5048 is not Beta 1. It is Post-reset Longhorn.

  • @WildSkinnyWhiteBoi said:
    Where is 5259.3?

    It is leaked, but there is no ISO file for it on WinWorld.

  • Update: I now have the ISO of 5920.16387.
    Go to and search The Longhorn Archive - you should get a 3683-6002 result. Click on it, click ISO Image, and then scroll to the bottom for 5920.

  • anyone know the LH 6.0.5381.1 product key??

  • @DiPole21 said:
    anyone know the LH 6.0.5381.1 product key??


  • @WinLonghorn said:
    Longhorn Server Build 3790 includes 5 editions please add now.

    Longhorn Server is on 4028, 4031, 4038, 4066, 3790, 5000 are all on Windows Longhorn build 3683-5098 collection 89 files (that's what it's called)

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