[REQUEST] Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus Restore Diskettes

I'm looking for restore diskettes for my Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus that had software, such as the Navigator, Windows, and other fun filled packages that were pre-installed back in 1993-1994. Does anyone have diskettes for this lineup, or something similar?


  • Motherboard: PB450M
    Chipset: OPTi 82C802
    Video: Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428
    Microcontroller: Intel 82C42PE
    BIOS Chip: Intel 28F001BX-T
    Factor: 4x4
    ISA/PCI riser card: ISA only
    BIOS revision: Phoenix BIOS 4.03 v1.1a PnP


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