Profile "Activity" box is NOT for PMs!

Just another reminder, the "Activity" box on profile pages are NOT for personal messages. These posts are PUBLIC.

The "Activity" box is a useless mis-feature of this forum software that can not be disabled. Although I hid the Activity stream link on the main page for normal users, it is still possible for others to see it. Furthermore, due to people posting crap in these, these Activity posts will usually be deleted.


  • If these kind of messages are posted, that really doesn't make them "private", does it? And also, are all posts made to the Activity box going be deleted, or just some that are absolute garbage?

  • If I can ever find a way to disable it completely, I will. Just assume they will all go away eventually. So be sure to use the "Message" button instead.

  • Once we switch to the embedded theme where the forums fully integrate with WinWorld, I'm definitely looking at making some basic UI changes including things like this.

  • You could handle unwanted features that can't be disabled by applying "display: none" in CSS >:)

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