[OFFER] Assorted Floppy Software & Drivers (but nothing of much note)

At my work last summer, I was cleaning out the attic when I came across a box of old floppy disks (3.5" and 5.25"). They let me have the ones that didn't have any data on them – the software and driver disks. So, I have a few odd disks that I would be happy to share if anyone would be interested. None of these software packages are 5.25" disks.

  • Accton EN165X ISA Ethernet Adapter driver disk (1993/HD) (I don't have this hardware, but it appears to have drivers for Novell, etc.) (Part number SW2101)
  • Power Up! Software – Calendar Creator Plus (1989/v. 3.02/DD) (There is a copy of this in the archive, but that is the 360k version, this is the 720k disk)
  • A-Four Tech Co. – Mouse drivers (1990/DD) (Once again, I don't have this particular mouse, but it does come with a couple interesting test programs on the disk)
  • Cyber Power Systems – Power Panel Plus 1.16 (2001/HD) (UPS software disk, I don't have this UPS though)
  • GE Mouse drivers - Browser Mouse 1.1 (c. 2004?/HD) (Came with a cheap GE PS/2 mouse, it's a basic IntelliMouse type control panel)
  • Network Anywhere NC100 PCI Ethernet Card drivers (2003/HD) (I use this PCI card in my Gateway Essential 400, it works great! Network Anywhere was a sub-brand of Linksys.)

Once again, I don't know whether you would be interested in this hodgepodge of stuff, but I have it available in my personal collection.

Also, I have a CD copy of "Windows 95 Starts Here/How and Why." I think this might already be in the archive, but is this a bit different?

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