Help with DESQview 1.03

I'm posting here on the off-chance that someone has used Desqview 1.03 before.

It is a MS-DOS multitasking program ( I am trying to add the default DOS program EDIT to it. I set the location and memory parameters and when I try to run it, a small DOS window shows up with the following text:



And nothing happens beyond here. The program does not resume and any key input makes a beep sound. I can go back to Desqview and close this window. This basically happens with every program that I try to add to Deskview. I have not been successful with adding a program to it

Thanks for any assistance.


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    Can you show the screenshot?

    Also I wonder which DOS version PC is used to run this.

  • I am on version 6.22

    Sorry I don't have a screenshot at the moment, but the above is literally all that is visible. I have somewhat boiled down the issue to that PATH line. I don't know where it comes from, but it seems to screw with the actual path set for EDIT.

  • Multitasking works only with apps which use MS-DOS routines for I/O. Dbase II, WordStar 3.0, some other early programs. Anything that works on MS-DOS system, not on IBM PC system.

    You would find few programs like that released in early years (1981-1983), but even back then some programs started accessing memory directly. Or have a mode where they access memory directly (like Turbo Pascal 1.x-3.x: you could compile and run program types in external editor, but couldn't use built-in one).

    Thus DESQ before 2.x is for VERY limited used...

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