Bug with pc-dos 2000 and virtualbox ? ( hard drive randomly corrupting)

I have just noticed a strange bug that involves pc-dos 2000 and Virtualbox. The hard drive mounted that has PC-DOS 2000 installed keeps randomly getting corrupted .

ways that it gets corrupted:

1) If the hard drive image is 4Gb and I do a 2Gb primary partition and when a 2Gb extended partition is made and than formatted , it gets corrupted and will refuse to boot.

2) If I get the hard drive image from the virtual machine and mount it on windows 10 with the VHD mount tool, adding files to the virtual hard drive , unmounting it , booting the virtual machine than will cause it to get corrupted again and not boot

I know it corrupted because if I boot a ms-dos 6.22 floppy and run scandisk on the C: corrupted drive comes up about bad sectors / clusters . Also none of these issues happens when using ms-dos 6.22 . Also I can make it recur if I make a whole new virtualmachine with pc-dos 2000 .


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    Yes, that is why VirutalBox and VMWare is not recommended for any version before XP (or NT 4.0 for VMware). You will get a lot of random glitches because it hypervises your current hardware (including RAM and CPU if not limited) and causes many problems as a result.

  • I think I figured out the problem, there is something wrong with the format utility or fdisk in pcdos 2000 in the installation disk in both the 3.5" and cd-rom, because if I fdisk and format using the ms-dos 6.22 boot floppy it no longer gives me problems. What would cause the pc-dos 2000 fdisk or format to act up in virtualbox? I think this is is a very odd problem.

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