Datavue 25 software, manuals

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This is a pretty obscure little IBM-compatible luggable from 1985ish. I have seen variants branded as BIO-LOGIC as well, for unknown reasons. It originally came with these two 5.25" disks:
·Datavue MS-DOS 2.11
·Datavue Diagnostics

I think they might have also sometimes included BASIC, but I'm not totally sure. I recently came into possession of this device, sans disks. It's a long shot, but if anyone can share them (or any other software unique to this device, if it exists) I would be forever in your debt.

Also, I have the original manuals. I don't have a nice scanner or anything, but if anyone out there has one of these and needs the manuals, I'll see about scanning them.


  • I know it's been a couple years, but I am hopeful. I am trying to resurrect one of these that I have acquired. Manuals would be very helpful, particularly the descriptions of the DIP switches in the memory expansion bay and the pinout of the power connector on the mainboard.

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    Hi @babtras, I see it's now been a few months since you replied — so sorry I didn't notice sooner. I hope this is still helpful. I still haven't bought a scanner, but I took some high-res cellphone pics of useful parts of the documentation, including pinouts and dipswitch info. You can view it as an imgur album here: or on postimage.
    If anything is illegible and you need it re-"scanned", send me a PM and it ought to get my attention.

    I had the shocking good fortune of having a Datavue floppy pop up on an Ebay saved search. So, I am pleased to also present an image of the original software disk. This contains both DOS 2.11 and Datavue Diagnostics; I guess they were both distributed on 5.25" 360K floppies and later combined for this 3.5" 720K release. I have unfortunately not been able to verify that it's in working order because I somehow managed to leave alkaline batteries in the DV25 keyboard... but I didn't have any errors during the copy (using dd and a USB floppy drive, nothing fancy) and everything shows up fine when mounted as vfat.
    Note: the diagnostics folder seems to include utilities for the Datavue Snap and Datavue Spark. It is entirely possible that this disk has nothing to do with the Datavue 25. In any case, surely someone out there has a Snap or Spark they want to resurrect, and this could come in handy.
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