[OFFER] Windows 97 & 99

Yeah, so I've recently heard of an operating system, well, two actually, Windows 97 and Windows 99. Windows 97 is like Windows 95, and Windows 99 is like Windows 98. Now, both operating systems are actually considered fake; Windows 97 is the "fake Windows 95", and Windows 99 is considered the "fake Windows 98". Windows 97 was not made by Microsoft to be honest, it was made by another person, I don't know who, but that guy made his own operating system that is like Windows 95, and called it "Windows 97". And Windows 99 for some reason seems to be another name for Windows 98 Second Edition, because when I searched Windows 99 on Wikipedia, it redirected be to the Windows 98 page and took me to the part where it talks about 98 Second Edition :\

So yes, these are two fake, and somewhat real, Windows operating systems I found.

I found the ISO images for Windows 97 and 99 on a website called Internet Archive.

Here are the download links;

Windows 97

Windows 99

Note: Both downloads are in a compressed ZIP format, but after you download one of the files, you'll have to extract it; the ISO image for either operating system is in those ZIP files.


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