MS Word 97 PT-PT

Hey guys!
New here... got something to you if you care! :)
Microsoft Word 97, complete with disk, CD Jewel case front and back, and CoA!

More coming :)

Will keep it for as long as possible on my Google Drive

Best Regards from Portugal


  • What compelled you to use such a high DPI on the scans that individual molecules are almost visible? Almost nothing I have will touch these jpgs. Since you saved as JPG, that sort of negates the level of detail anyway. Please don’t use anything higher than 1200 DPI. I usually have to shrink files down for distribution anyway.

  • Sorry about that... I can redo it if it helps! Do you guys have a prefered format for the pics?

  • We normally use JPG, but I'll scale them down to fit with the archive.

    When someone submits scans, either JPG or PNG at 300, 600, or 1200 DPI should be fine as long as labels are readable. I think I eventually managed find a tool that could resize those huge JPGs (2400DPI?)

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