MS Windows 95B PT-BR

Once again, more old stuff (actually, this was new old stock, just opened the package to image and scan this CD)

Microsoft Windows 95 with USB support PT-BR (Portuguese Brazilian)

With CD and COA scan.

Included in the .7z is the rescue boot floppy image and one other I've created to allow you to boot from a floppy and start setup of this software.
Windows 95 CD-ROM's famously aren't bootable, and the original rescue disk does not have CD-ROM drivers.
I've compiled the rescue disk with drivers from a Windows 98 CD-ROM original startup disk.
This will have the original MS-DOS version of the Windows 95 disk, but load the known good drivers from Windows 98 and also will start up with a menu. Just need to create and format a partition first and you are good to go!

Best Regards from Portugal


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