I built my First computer

Hello I was a member of the old forums. I have had refurbished computers most of my life. And on the old forums I was known as Win7User. Yes this is me Surprise!!Surprise!!. Not sure if I am welcomed here or not maybe so with the new staff and all. I built an AMD Ryzen 3 With Asus ROG 350 Motherboard and a M.2 drive and 1 TB storage and Windows 10 Professional.


  • Hi @maxwell6681 . You should still be able to use your old account. The forum software has changed, but the user accounts are still the same.

  • I do not remember the account name.

  • Well, you remembered it now :tongue:

    Anyways, good for you on building that one up. Was it easy doing it? And does everything operate well?

  • Only thing that was hard is it is hard to hook the wires up because the writing is so small. And yes everything works great.

  • You build a computer! Nice, do you have a picture?

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